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Counselor Raga Al-Arabi the Public Prosecutor announced that the prosecution is still investigating the complaints filed by some villagers of al-Koshh against police officers, accusing them of committing some violations.
The General Guide of the Ikhwan Al-Muslimun (Muslim Brotherhood) did not answer the questions of Dr. Sai’d Al-Nagar, head of the liberal ’New Call Society’, the [human rights]lawyer Maurice Sadek, and Hazem Al-Kilani, from a splinter group of the brotherhood and one of the founders of Al-Wasat (...
A message sent by the youth of Al-Koshh village to Al-Ahali newspaper said that the main reason for the blowing up of events was due to the cover-up of the media and security.
The statement issued on the incidents of Al-Kussh Village by Pope Shenouda III, last Friday after a series of negotiations with the heads of the state security.
Dr. Osama El-Baz announced that the material published in the foreign media concerning discrimination against Copts is out of line and lacking in truth, and that the Copts stand against the material that uses ’persecution’ to get at Egypt and weaken its stand.
Dr. Osama el-Baz, the president’s chief foreign policy advisor, clarified that what had happened in the Al-Kushh village in Sohag was not a sectarian conflict but was related to police behavior.
A statement has been issued by Mohamad Al-Tahawy, Governor of Assiut, that there have been decisions issued in keeping with the President’s order for the restoration of 12 churches in the governorate.
Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, who is currently in a US jail, has called for the end of all militant activities in Egypt carried out by Islamic groups and to completely disassociate themselves from the Saudi terrorist Usama Bin Laden. Other extremists leader, however, disagree.
The American paper the Boston Globe published an article Friday, October 23 on the persecution of Egypt’s Copts by the Egyptian police. On Sunday October 25, the British newspaper The Sunday Telegraph published a front-page article written by Christina Lamb under the provocative title "The Egyptian...
Crowds gathered last week at the Marcos Church in Alexandria, joining in the funeral of Father Abdel Messih Maggar, Patron of the Virgin Mary’s Church at Gheit El-E’nab, in Alexandria who died at the age of 94. Also Sheikh Zein El-Samak, secretary of religious affairs for the Tagammu Party and...


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