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Bishop Wissa of El Balyana in Sohag complained about torture and mistreatment in El-Kash’h. What happened is a crime of murder that could have been committed by a Muslim or a Copt. It is a result of normal disputes that have nothing to do with religion but massive arrests followed. El-Ahali gives...
Dr. Selim Naguib, head of the Coptic Association in Canada, wrote that many people were arrested in el-Kosh in Upper-Egypt.
The author criticizes American Congressman Wolf. America should not interfere and Copts should not accept the faults committed against them. Most mistakes against Copts are officially done.
This is a second (short) review of the Report on the Religious Situation in Egypt.
Three men were killed and a woman injured in a shooting in Dairout.
In an unprecedented act, security forces sealed a church in Maadi that has been build and operating for four years without a permit.
Wolf met with 7 Copts whose names were not mentioned. In a footnote the RNSAW reveals most names.
Since the beginning of 70s, there has been a rise in political Islam and the call for the establishment of a religious state. It was met with nervous reactions from the Copts. It should make us think about the future of national unity.
Member of Parliament Sameh Ashour accused the Muslim Brotherhood and the government of lacking credibility after announcing an alliance between Mokhtar Nouh, a prominent Muslim Brother, and Ragai Attia, a government representative.
A group of veiled women wearing face covers distribute extremist audio tapes in the women’s section of the metro in generous quantities. "Muslims should be ready for the confrontation with the Christians before the Christians attack us" is the message.


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