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‘Ādil al-Jundī argues that violence against Christians is important for inheriting power.
In its reporting on the incidents of Naj‘ Hammādī, the press focused on the different analyses of the incident; the possible motives and causes. While many people blamed MPs and governmental institutions, others blamed the media and extremist religious discourse. Many observers criticized the...
The Azhar Grand Imām and the Minister of Endowments headed to Naj‘ Hammādī for the Friday prayers and to offer their condolences to Bishop Kyrillos and the victims' families. They both stated that Islam is innocent of such crime and stressed the significance of preserving the national unity. In Naj...
MP ‘Abd al-Raīm al-Ghūl asks Copts to stop calling for things that are difficult to achieve.  
The author highlights the history of the sectarian tension in Egypt, its reasons, and suggests some solutions.  
A Coptic organization called on Copts inside Egypt and abroad to organize a strike on September 11 in memory of the Coptic victims of sectarian attacks over the past 28 years. The call created controversy. While many supported it as a protest against the hardship of Copts’ reality in Egypt, others...
The general guidance office elections are to be held earlier following the recent conflict within the Guidance Office. The press highlighted the fact that the conflict is between the innovative trend in the group and the conservative one.
The author sheds light on the different Egyptian churches’ point of view about women’s status in the church, more precisely in priesthood.
Sayyid al-Qimnī is fighting a battle in the field of freedom of expression. He criticizes the Azhar curricula and the Muslim Brotherhood for erasing reason and harming the future.
Dr. Qadrī Hifnī continues to write about Fitnah Tā’ifiyah in Egypt.


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