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A Coptic organization abroad rejects the violence against the innocent people of Gaza.
The author calls for providing journalists with official and authentic sources of information that save journalists from searching for information through other means that can result in spreading unclear and inaccurate information that will form public opinion.
Al-‘Arabī interviews Islamic thinker Yūsuf al-Badrī on a number of issues.
The decision issued by the Egyptian Medical Syndicate to ban organ transplants between Muslims and Christians has shocked both Muslims and Christians alike. Several human rights organizations have announced their objections to the decisions and believe it could ignite sectarian tensions.
The following review sheds light on the recent events in the Abū Fānā crisis. While the conventional committee announces a resolution to the land conflict, the governor and the church seem to have other requirements. The Coptic Orthodox Church reacts to the Coptic expatriates’ comportments and...
In this article the author analyses the reasons behind the growth of piousness in the Arab world. He shed lights on five main reasons.
Muhammad Harbī interviews Nasr Hāmid Abū Zayd, focusing on issues of democracy and the U.S administration.
The article discusses how to best re-integrate members of extremist Islamic groups back into society.
The victims of the attacks against Coptic property were compensated for the damages they incurred, and a reconciliation session was held in Isnā. Egyptian journalists call for a realistic and objective treatment of the increasing sectarian tension in the country.
‘Abd al-Rūsūl highlights the positive changes achieved in Egypt regarding the Islamic groups. He points out the recent efforts to achieve a compromise between the Egyptian government on one hand and al-Jihād organization and al-Jamā‘ah al-Islāmīyah on the other.


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