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The Coptic Orthodox Church announced the dates for this year’s Coptic Book Fair.  The fair will be from November 3 to November 18 at St. Mark’s Cathedral in al-ʿAbāssiyya.
The Cairo Appeals Prosecution continues its investigation into a complaint filed by the National Media Authority accusing stand-up comedian Muḥammad Ashraf of “mocking the state-owned Holy Quran [al-Qurʾān al-Karīm] radio station.”
On Wednesday evening, Egypt's Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the statement issued by the French Foreign Ministry with regards to the arrest of the executive director of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR).
Efforts by the Coptic Orthodox Church to bring to life the path of the Holy Family have persisted in coordination with the relevant state authorities.  The path is considered among the most well known and most important tourist attractions.
Sources from within the Church informed al-Dustūr that the bishop of Sydney, Bishop Daniel [Dāniyyāl], will return to his diocese after eight months of absence. Bishop Dāniyyāl  had come to Egypt in November last year to attend a seminar by the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Following...
In his book, Impressions of Egypt [Inṭibāʿāt ʿan Miṣr], French voyageur Étienne-Louis Malus observes the impact of French culture and schools established by French missionaries on Egyptian society at the beginning of the 19th century.  Even though these schools were established and run by monks and...
Every now and then, the Egyptian church sees attempts by unknown sources to indirectly tamper with church doctrine, possibly leading to an enflaming of divisions.  In the most recent period, the church community is seeing the rise of some non-denominational groups visiting Coptic households across...
Al-Dustūr has learned that the Coptic Orthodox Church is performing spiritual and pastoral services for Ashʿiyāʾ al-Maqārī and Faltāʾūs al-Maqārī, the two monks accused of murdering Bishop Epiphanius [Epīphaniyyūs], the late head of St. Macarius monastery [dayr Abū Maqār] in Wādī al-Naṭrūn.
Hostile news channels are attempting to propagate lies and biased rumours to destabilise Egypt and return it to the scenario of 2011.
The Coptic Orthodox Church, headed by Pope TawāḍrūsII, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of Saint Mark, is preparing to celebrate this Friday, 11th September, the Coptic New Year, known as the feast of Nayrouz [ʿīd al-Nayrūz].


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