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Judicial circles are discontented over attempts by the Muslim Brotherhood to sack Vice President of the Supreme Judicial Court Tahānī al-Jibālī over what they called “her animosity against the Brotherhood”.
Dr. Ahmad Karīmah, professor of sharī’ah at the Azhar stated in response to al- Qaradawi’s fatwa, calling the participation in the presidential elections harām, that religion has nothing to do with elections and that no person or institution can claim that such a vote or referendum is halāl (...
Security experts have requested that the new American and Israeli Ambassadors to Egypt be rejected by the Egyptian authorities.
Abd al- Fattāh al- Sīsī, presidential candidate, has stated that Egypt is in its neediest moments for its sons abroad, for them to cooperate together to face common problems and the difficulties of the nation.
Constitution expert Ibrāhīm Darwīsh, however, said the decision was a grave mistake committed against Egypt and ran counter to the constitutional legitimacy the president was sworn in.  
A bomb has exploded in the vicinity of the Latin Church on Paradise Street in Suez, which has caused much fear among pedestrians and inhabitants (Author not mentioned, al-Dustūr, Sept. 30, p. 5). This article has no link online.
The Suhag prosecution has ordered the jailing of two of the defendants who are accused in violent acts in Suhag City since the dispersal of the Rāb’ah and Nahdah sit-ins for 15 days pending investigation. The prosecution has accused them of inciting violence, burning Mar Girgis Church, resisting...
Pope Tawadros has arrived to Egypt coming from the UAE after a five-day official visit.
An unsigned article in al-Dustūr also attacks the forthcoming constitution: “after a period not exceeding 60 days the new ‘Brotherhoodite’ constitution will have been prepared … a clear declaration and announcement of the advent of the Brotherhood state principality.
Interim President,AdlyMansūr, issued a decree to license the establishment of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Pyramid City,6th of October, Giza Governorate (Magdī Fikrī, al-Dustūr, Oct. 2, p. 2). This article has no link online.


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