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Dr. Andriyya Zakī, head of the Evangelical Coptic Church in Egypt and social services, said that the church, which does not respect its youth, does not give them the first place, is "a church with no future".
Representative for the International Labor Organization (ILO) in Yemen ʿAlī Dahāq stated on Tuesday that available statistics show that the number of children being used in the conflict in Yemen over the past 10 years has risen to 75,000 in different regions.
The Holy Virgin Monastery, commonly known as al-Muḥarraq Monastery, in Asyūṭ concludes the events of the spiritual renaissance tomorrow under the leadership of bishop Bigol [Bījūl], Bishop of al-Muḥarraq Monastery, and in the presence of large numbers of monks and people from Asyūṭ.
Bishop Anṭūniyyūs, Metropolitan of Jerusalem, visited the Diocese of Damietta, Kafr al-Shaykh and al-Barārī.
Recently, books published in the Western publishing market have shown great interest in religious matters, whether for Islam, Christianity or Judaism.
The Archdiocese c of Russian Orthodox Churches in Western Europe supported joining the Moscow Patriarchate through a general assembly vote, however the decision has not yet been ratified, according to a statement by the Archdiocese on Sunday, September 8th.
The Egyptian Salafist movement called on the Egyptian Ministry of Endowments to close the Imam al-Ḥussayn shrine, citing fears that Shiite rituals would be conducted in front of the mosque. The demand was rejected by Egyptian Sufi currents, who warned there would be an outrage in the community in...
The Episcopal Church launched the "Art for All People" initiative as part of the h "Together for the Development of Egypt" project in al- Minya governorate. The initiative aims to address the problems that young people face in Egypt through artistic performances and presentations prepared by three...
The archdeacon, along with priests, church servants and the people of the Diocese of Suez congratulated His Grace Bishop Bimwā, Bishop of Suez, on the occasion of the anniversary of his ordination as a monk, wishing him good health and many peaceful years to come while offering prayers that God...
Oil fell on Monday, September 30th and China’s economic outlook remained weak even after factoring in improvements in manufacturing data, a result of the ongoing trade war between China and the United States which weighs heavily on demand growth in the world’s largest crude oil importer.


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