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The new law on NGOs will be discussed with the ministers of social insurances and justice as well as the NGOs federation within a week to bring viewpoints closer and strike a balance between the civil society’s interests and the government’s controls on foreign funding. 
Father Rafīq Jarīsh, the spokesman of the Catholic Church in Egypt, said that the Catholic Church is well-known by its schools. There are 171 Catholic schools in Egypt, 38 of which in Upper Egypt.  
The Egyptian Union for Human Rights Organization, founded by Counselor Najīb Jabrā’īl, in cooperation with the local and international groups, threatened to demand the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to send international fact-finding commissions to gather evidence from all sources and...
The issue of Copts’ population was raised in a very exciting different way, particularly in this timing, considering the fact that the powers that be in Egypt have been neglecting this topic since the times of former Presidents Muḥammad Anwar al-Sādāt and Muḥammad Ḥusnī Mubārak. 
Dr. Ihāb Ramzī, a professor of criminal law at Banī Swayf University, said he was flabbergasted to read 10 drafts of the constitution, adding this is a well-laid plan to create a state of tumult among political powers.
Dr. Nājiḥ Ibrāhīm, a co-founder and theoretician of the al-Jamāʿa al-Islāmīya (Islamic Group), called on President Muḥammad Mursī to lead the nation with a mentality of a statesman, not that of the Muslim Brotherhood group, and give more room for power sharing regardless of ideological differences.
The village of Dashāsha, Samsaṭā town, Banī Swayf governorate, has seen a violent brawl between Muslims and Christians over children playing on the streets, leaving five from the two sides injured. 
In his address before the imāms and preachers on Thursday (October 25), President Mursī said the Ummah (Nation) will never rise without a conviction, as if the Egyptian society has never known convictions and faiths before the Muslim Brotherhood made their way to power.
Controversy has been recently dominating the Egyptian street after reports that verses of the Bible will be included into the syllabi of the third secondary grade of education amidst objections by hard-line Islamists
In the years leading up to the June 30 Revolution, Egypt’s Coptic community suffered greatly from the absence of a unified church-building law, a law, which the Copts had been waiting for, was finally passed by the end of 2016.


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