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Controversy has been recently dominating the Egyptian street after reports that verses of the Bible will be included into the syllabi of the third secondary grade of education amidst objections by hard-line Islamists
In the years leading up to the June 30 Revolution, Egypt’s Coptic community suffered greatly from the absence of a unified church-building law, a law, which the Copts had been waiting for, was finally passed by the end of 2016.
On Sunday, Pope Tawāḍrūs‎ II will preside over the celebration of the Coptic Orthodox Virgin Mary Church in Maadi, commemorating the Holy Family’s journey to Egypt, especially since the church was one of the highlights of its journey. The celebration, organized by Bishop Dāniyyāl, Secretary of The...
Counselor Munsif Sulīmān, member of the Holy Synod, denied  the claims in some news reports  that the Presidency has rejected the regulations list for selecting the Coptic Orthodox patriarch.
Early unofficial poll results of Egyptians abroad have shown that al- Sīsī is succeeding with a landslide. According to the campaign of al- Sīsī, he is winning with more than 85% so far in New Zealand and three electoral districts in Australia. 
Al-Dustūr carries an open letter to President Muhammad Mursī after his reshuffle of the SCAF and the retirement of Field Marshal Tantāwī and Chief-of-Staff, ‘Anān.
In an exclusive statement to al-Dustūr, Diocesan Bishop Binyamīn (Benjamin) of al-Minūfiyah, said that President ʿAbd al-Fattāḥ al-Sīsī, is different from all his predecessors [state presidents], and “he is a person of great tolerance,” stressing that “al-Sīsī cannot be held responsible for the...
Church sources said that the Copts living in the United States of America refuse all attempts made to intervene in internal Egyptian affairs, in particular under the pretext of protecting them from alleged persecutions. 
The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which was toppled by the Muslim Brotherhood, used to have the right of legislation in accordance with the complementary constitutional declaration and also had the powers to change and even replace the constituent assembly writing a new constitution for...
Fādī Yūsuf, founder of the Coalition of Egypt’s Copts (CEC), said that the decision of the State to open churches in 14 governorates is historic and unprecedent; “however, to put this decision into effect is crucial,” the founder of CEC said.


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