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‘Isām al-‘Aryān writes about the relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and the U.S administration.
Ayman Nūr, head of al-Ghad party in Egypt has been released after three years and three months in Egyptian jails.
The article monitors Coptic Church reactions upon insinuations made by an Israeli TV channel about Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary.
Radwān al-Sayyid discusses Christianity in the Arab world.
Pope Shenouda III is back from his latest medical trip to the U.S. He declared that his health condition was good denying all the rumors that had spread upon his leave.
Dr. Mahmūd Hamdī Zaqzūq, the minister of religious endowments, was invited to a symposium entitled, ’The renewal of religious thought.’ He said that renewal in thoughts and life are interconnected. He added that supporting Ijtihād is a requirement for the renewing Islamic thought.
Samīr Marqus highlights the Islamic stance toward ahl al-dhimmah throughout history and according to different groups in the Islamic world. He presents the case of Egypt as an example.
Al-Hayāh reports on the installation of Patriarch Kirill, head of the Russian Orthodox Church. It also provides a short biography of Patriarch Kirill.
Egyptian Minister of Culture Farūq Husnī is again the target of Muslim Brotherhood MPs attacks.
The article deals with the situation of American Muslims inside U.S society, their organizations, situation and role after the September 11 attacks.


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