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Hānī talks about al-Qā‘idah sending the trip-wired parcels to the Emmanuel Synagogue in Chicago and the “Sayyidat al-Najāh” church massacre in Iraq. He says that both are a violation of the Islamic Sharī’ah and that these actions pose several questions. If Muslims are agitated by cartoons and short...
The article opens with an excerpt from Barack Obama’s speech at Cairo University in June 2009, in which he promised an improved relationship between the Islamic world and the United States. Just over a year later, Obama is set to address Muslims once again from the Istiqlāl Mosque in Indonesia in a...
This article is a summary of the speech and interview given by Bishop Bīshūy of the Coptic Orthodox Church concerning the problems and issues facing Copts in Egypt. He also spoke concerning the involvement of expatriate Copts in the West, and their views on the situation.
Minister of Education Zakī Badr's statements that his Ministry would embark on a comprehensive plan to change and develop the religious educational curricula have opened Pandora's box, with rumors spreading that the new plans are just the outcome of foreign pressure.
This article discusses the election of a Muslim Minister to the British government and the criticism she faces from the Muslim world, as she is not seen as a true Muslim.
Hostilities towards Turkey emerged as Armenians remember the anniversary of the Ottoman Empire massacre.
Hānī Labīb speaks out against the idea that the Copts are a “coddled” minority in Egypt and that Muslims are persecuted.
German minister of Turkish decent Aygül Özkan has encountered harsh criticism after her call for the removal of crucifixes from public schools.
While statistics reveal a drastic decrease in the number of Christians in Iraq, the Iraqi Minister of Immigration encourages Iraqi emigrants to come back to Iraq.
The author reflects on Christians’ reality in the Arab countries.


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