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Besides the intensive news reports on the incidents in Naj‘ Hammādī, the press also published many articles discussing the possible reasons behind sectarian tensions and the possible solutions. Three main domains have been mainly principally highlighted to end sectarianism in Egypt; passing a...
Updates, comments and press releases are still being published in the Egyptian press on the incidents of the drive-by shooting in Naj‘ Hammādī on Coptic Christmas Eve. The following lines shed lights on the press reports published on the seventh and eighth of January.  
The following is a review of the Egyptian press coverage of the Christmas attacks in Najc Hammādī’s, from January 9, 2010 until the present
The People’s Assembly yesterday held a session to discuss the Christmas criminal attacks in Naj‘ Hammādī. MP Georgette Qillīnī led a heated argument and criticized the governor of Qena for ignoring Copts’ welfare and for his reluctance to defend Copts. Bishop Kyrillos does not seem optimistic about...
Ahmad Ruhaym reports on Jamāl Mubārak’s visit with young researchers and teaching assistants in Egyptian universities.
A conference for interfaith dialogue is to be held in Doha over the next few days.
The Egyptian People’s Assembly calls for amending the Egyptian penal code by adding an article that authorizes the Egyptian attorney general to sue those responsible for crimes committed against Egyptians abroad.
Al-Hayāt reports about crimes committed in Jordan using Islamic outfits.
Christian families in the city of Kirkuk, Iraq are fleeing their homes following a spate of kidnappings and killings.
Arab and Muslim Americans are worried that they may be targeted after a soldier of Palestinian origin opened fire on the Fort Hood military base in Texas.


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