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This article sheds light on some of the suggestions made by Dr. Zaynab Radwān to amend some articles in the personal status law project and reflects how these were totally refuted by shaykhs and scholars of the Azhar who stressed that these amendments contradict Sharī‘ah.
While the security forces have announced that no culprits have yet been found in connection with the al-Zaytūn explosion on Sunday, media sources report on different possibilities.
A Coptic Orthodox Church priest defended his thesis on Pope Shenouda’s theological thinking and his stances toward different theological topics and heresies.
The recent Bahā’ī jubilation following the Supreme Administrative Court ruling on March 16, 2009 which allows them to leave the religion box empty in their ID cards has been marred by an unprecedented sectarian attack against Bahā’ī’s houses in the Upper Egyptian village of al– Shūrānīyah in...
Bibāwī comments on a document that was issued by the Vatican that states that Jews are not responsible for the death of Jesus Christ.
The article discusses the issue of priests’ defrocking which is considered an untouchable red line inside the church.
The author discusses the issue of the religion field in official papers and documents and its impact on Christian-Muslim relations.
The lawyer Nabīh al-Wahsh claims that Egypt’s Finance Minister Yūsuf Butrus Ghālī puts a cross sign on the tax return forms intentionally.
The article describes the discussions taking place within the Coptic Orthodox church on the process by which the next patriarch will be elected, including issues of whether the next leader of the church should be a bishop or a monk, and if bishops should be allowed to nominate themselves for the...
The author defends the Coptic Orthodox Church’s decision to issue regulations concerning divorce and marriage, asserting that this was not meant to displace of the authority of the People’s Assembly, but rather asserting the church’s right to regulate the affairs of its members within the context...


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