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After recounting the consequences of publishing the novel "A Banquet for Seaweed", the writers expose their conversation with Sheikh Abu Al-Wafa Agor, the General Secretary of the Islamic Researches complex, in which he give his opinion concerning the events of the "Banquet".
Al-Midan published Haider’s interview with the BBC in which he confirmed that the novel has many parts that support Islam. He thinks that what was mentioned by Al-Shaab was to achieve political gains.
Everything is bought and sold…even the religious sects. Certificates that allow the Copts to change their church affiliation have appeared. Accordingly, marriage between the Copts has become easy.
All this commotion began when some of the great Azhar scholars were brought before disciplinary councils because of their attitudes towards the policy of the Azhar and its Sheikh. Dr. Abd Al-Mo'ti Bayoumi said that the people who brought suits against their colleagues do not have the ability to...
Inside and outside the church everybody is watching. They are asking whether Pope Shenouda will give a permission for remarriage to Ghatas, as the sentence of the law stated, or he will not give it to him.
On the Internet Sheikh Abd El-Hamed Kishk becomes an aggressive star again. He attacks politicians, Arabic and foreign regimes, artists, sport and football players.
In our meeting with Hafez Abu Seada, Secretary-General of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, he accused Mustafa Bakri, editor in chief of Al-Osboa newspaper, of many things, including that the check which reached Bakri, was proof that he was in touch with security sources and that he was...
Montazar Al-Zayat, lawyer and spokesman of the Gama’at al-Islamiya, requests the Egyptian security authorities to seize the opportunity of the initiative to stop violence.
Several responses were sent to the paper referring to the article published last week about Jehovah’s Witnesses.
The Egyptian security authorities seek information about four Egyptian terrorists living in Europe.


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