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Seventeen governorates head to polling stations Saturday, December 22 to vote on the second phase of Egypt’s draft Constitution; observers record a number of electoral violations. 
State Commissioner's Authority’s recommendations to the Administrative Judiciary Court was to cancel the press reshuffle decided by the Shūrá Council on September 2012.
Coptic Catholic Bishop Kyrillos Kamāl William Sam’ān of Asyut, led the prayers of the Christmas Mass in Coptic Catholic Archdiocese in al-Dhāhir on the evening of December 24. He prayed for the country, its stability and development. His prayers also included President Muhammad Mursī.
Dr. Ahmad Mahmūd Karīmah, Professor of Islamic Law (sharī’ah) in the Azhar University, said “our Islam and its reputation was lost because of closed minds”. He added, with tears in his eyes, that whoever divides religion into political parties does not know anything about Islam. That came during...
Bishop Quzmān of North Sinai said President Muhammad Mursī, during his recent meetings with the evicted Coptic families that returned to their homes in Rafah, has pledged to protect Copts.
Priest Yūsuf Subhī of the Mār Jirgis Church in Rafah, which was devastated during the incidents of the January 25, 2011 revolution, said after sessions were held with the tribal chiefs and security officials, the first mass service will be held inside the church on Sunday (October 7).
There have been several incidents of Coptic Christian voters, including entire villages with a majority Coptic population, being prevented from voting. A number of observatory organizations and independent NGOs observing the polling station reported that campaigners were orchestrated all around the...
Informed sources in North Sinai said President Mursī’s scheduled visit to the governorate on Friday (October 5) was changed due to deteriorating security conditions in the border city of Rafah.
Claims made by a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood that 60 per cent of those participating in a sit-in outside the Presidential Palace are Christian, has caused anger among Coptic groups which have accused Dr. Muhammad al-Biltājī of causing discord and encouraging division in the country....
The officials of the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) might have fears that the announcement of census of Muslims and Christians could inflame the sectarian dossier but it also could function as a start for balanced relations in the society.


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