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The Coptic Orthodox Church’s Holy Synod selected on Wednesday (October 3) three bishops to oversee the election to name the 118th patriarch, scheduled for November 24.  
Muḥsin George, a member of the Coptic Orthodox Church’s Millī Council in Alexandria, said Pope Tawāḍrus II is a wise personality and a devout religious leader, expressing confidence that the new pope would overcome all challenges facing him during his time on the chair of Saint Mark.
Bishop Pachomius handed Pope Tawāḍrus II the papal staff and placed a gold crown on his head amidst standing ovation by all persons who attended the investiture ceremony in the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral. 
Placards and banners of several non-Islamist parties like Muḥammad al-Barādʿī’s al-Dustūr, al-Wafd, Ḥamdīn Ṣabbāḥī’s Popular Current and the Free Egyptians Party (FEP) emblazoned the walls of the Saint Mark Cathedral in the Cairo district of al-ʿAbbāssīyah during the enthronement ceremony of Pope ...
President Muhammad Mursī, during his visit to North Sinai governorate on Friday (October 5), will meet with the Copts of Rafah who received threats from extremist groups, while official security sources said the visit coincides with the end of the second stage of a military operation in Sinai.
Dozens of bearded police officers and constables protested outside the interior ministry headquarters on Wednesday (October 31) to demand returning to their jobs by virtue of court rulings in their favor.
Monk Bigmy, the deputy of acting patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church Bishop Pachomius in Marsa Matrouh governorate, said the church has presented to the prosecution the birth certificate of Sarah Ishaq ‘Abd al-Malāk, a Christian girl who reportedly married a Muslim young man. The certificate...
Developments in Rafah would not stand apology or interpretation under any justifications and from any source because it is a precedent that could be repeated in other sites unless the political, security and social powers that be stand up firmly against this crime.  
Hamdīn Sabbāhī, the founder of the Egyptian Popular Current and former presidential candidate, called for keeping intact the text of Article 2 as it read in the 1971 constitution, adding the text guarantees the implementation of the Islamic sharī’ah as a main source of legislation and in the same...
The Coptic Orthodox Church is considering the holding of papal elections earlier to be on October 29 instead of November 24, while the altar lot will be held on November 4 instead of December 2.  


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