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A number of Coptic political thinkers said that a national dialogue among opponents and supporters after the referendum would spare the country the danger of divide and would stabilize it before it turns into a revolution driven by starvation.
The Azhar body strongly condemned the clashes that erupted around the al-Qāꞌid Ibrāhīm Mosque in Alexandria leading to llines of riot police cordoning off the mosque. According to al-Misrīyūn report, protesters against the upcoming Constitutional plebiscite besieged the Mosque. Grand Shaykh Dr....
Minister of Civil Aviation Samīr ‘Imbābī ended a crisis between EgyptAir and flight hostesses after approving 21 out of 23 requests to wear the hijāb but declined to respond to any financial demands due to ailing financial conditions in the national carrier. [Author Not Mentioned, al-Misryūn, Nov...
Disturbance erupted among the Coptic Evangelical Church after its representative in the Shūrá Council decided to withdraw surprisingly.
In its edition on Saturday, December 22, Al-Misrīyūn newspaper reported that Imbābah district of Giza Governorate experienced a large turnout of Christians who queued to cast their ballots on the second stage of the constitutional plebiscite. 
The electoral alliance announced by Hāzim Salāh Abū Ismā’īl includes al-Ansār Party, al-‘Ummah, al-Sha’b, and al-Nūr al-Jadīd. He will announce the partners of his new alliance and the name of his new political party within hours. This alliance is considered the largest Salafī alliance .
Rāmī Lakah, leader of Hizb Misrinā, or "Our Egypt Party" and appointed to the Shūrá Council, said that the three Christian churches, Orthodox Catholic and Evangelical, agreed to submit one memo to be discussed on December 26. 
Al-Misrīyūn, on December 14,  comments that in few years, Churches bells will “not be heard anymore” in the United Kingdom, where Christians in big numbers are converting to be Muslims making Islam to be the fastest growing religion in the British state, this trend is expected to continue. 
The Salafī Da’wah (Call) approved Bible teaching in schools but in a way observing the Islamic sharī’ah controls, according to a fatwá by Shaykh Yāsir Burhāmī, the deputy chairman of the Da’wah.
In al-Misrī al-Yawm, July 1, Rev. Dr. Safwat al-Bayādī, head of the Coptic Evangelical Church, said that they are looking forward to the road map. Additionally, Dr. Andrea Zakī, Deputy Head of the Church, said that the army’s statement reassured Egyptians. Coptic Catholic media spokesperson, Bishop...


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