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In a speech made in London last week, British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook called for a dialogue between the West and the Islamic World and for establishing channels for more cultural exchanges between the two sides.
The church in Stockholm organized a photo exhibition with inappropriate pictures of Jesus Christ. Swedish security guards are protecting the exhibition, which has inappropriate pictures of Jesus Christ in the form of a gay [person].
The Priest David Benjamin Caldani converted to Islam and wrote a book called ’Muhammad in the Holy Book’ in which he explains how he came to convert to Islam.
The Christian West is accused of letting bloodshed happen to Muslims in Kosovo.
The US Navy changed its well-known logo which had previously only the Cross and David’s Star and now has the crescent added to it. This is an official recognition of the increase of the number of Muslims in the United States Navy.
The new relations between Iran and the UK have led to the end of Salman Rushdie’s case.
A group of ’the Ancestors of the Crusaders’ has unexpectedly arrived in Lebanon apologizing for what their ancestors did around 900 years ago.
A group of foreigners are walking in the streets of Lebanon apologizing for the mistakes of the Crusades. There are a lot of questions concerning the members of this campaign and the organizations supporting them because they have missionary aims.
The people coming from Bangladesh are talking about the danger that Muslims are subjected to conversion to Christianity. Muslims need to offer them help.
Islamic minorities are dotted across 110 countries of the world. They are divided along the lines of religious persecution, continued harassment, sacrilegious treatment of mosques, making Muslims homeless, regarding them as citizens not even of the second class but of the fifth class who are...


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