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The author criticizes an article in Al-Osbua which criticized plans of Ministry of Endowments to set aside 50 million Egyptian pounds for building mosques.
The Sheikh of the Azhar, Muhammad Sayyed Tantawi, has announced that there is no truth or reason for accusations made by his opponents against him of being rigid, inflexible and misusing his authority to harm those who oppose him.
The article is a dialogue between the author and a Christian missionary.
A delegation of 500 Christians from the Europe and the US is due to arrive in the Middle East next month to give an official apology to Moslems for the crimes committed by the Crusaders.
A few Copts, no more than twenty persons, claim Copts in Egypt are persecuted. Copts in Egypt refute this.
Christians in Jordan are well off. They are also reaching high government positions.
Christians in Syria make up approximately 12% of the population. The article gives an overview of their presence.
The author bases his article on a research carried out by Dr. Sabela of the University of Bethlehem about the ongoing decline of the Christian presence among Palestinians. Dr. Sabela found large numbers still want to emigrate.
In this report, we are opening for the first time the file of the Christians in the Arab world. We speak with senior church leaders, throwing light on the relations between Muslims and Christians in the Arab world.
The Ministry of Education in Lebanon introduced a new syllabus for the state schools that does not include any religious studies. Muslim leaders oppose this decision.


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