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A Turkish university opposes women wearing veils.
The British Authority of Advertising Standards warned no religious symbols for the promotion of products should be used after Muslim organizations had complained about this.
Details are given of Christian missionary activity in Albania.
Also this article criticizes the above mentioned brochure and asks how Muslims should respond.
In this article the brochure mentioned in the previous article is criticized. Christians do not have Christ’s original message, the author claims.
This article summarizes a brochure of the Assemblies of God encouraging Christians to witness among Muslims.
In the series of Islamic discussions on the Internet, also the bombing of the American Embassies in Nairobi and Dar es-Salaam is discussed. The paper cites the words of people in favor of the bombing as well as others who strongly denounce it.
How to react to internet sites that are insulting to Muslims.
A church is build on Muslim land in Bulgaria.
The killing of three nuns in Yemen from the order established by Mother Teresa raised a lot of questions about the reason for the presence of nuns in a country that contains no Christians in the first place.


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