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The numbers of Muslims in America has reached eight million which prepares them for playing a more effective role in the American political and legislative system. For that reason hundreds of the leaders of American Muslims attended the annual conference for the American Islamic Council, last week...
Dr. Nasr Farid Wassel, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, caused an uproar when he said that smoking is haram [religiously forbidden.
An Internet site set up by Christians advocating polygamy.
A question on whether or not it was permitted for Muslims to receive condolences from Christians.
Sheik Abdallah Ben Manie’-member of the committee for senior scholars answers about the correct method of training for preachers and questions whether or not the Muslims have fulfilled their obligation towards dawa (Islamic mission.)
One of the most common subjects to be mentioned in the Islamic sites on the Internet is the mentioning of the prophet [Mohammed] in the Bible, a subject which has gained popularity due to the efforts of the preacher Ahmed Didat.
The Social Christian Party in Germany has decided to follow a strict policy against foreigners and especially Muslims most of whom are Turks.
Pat Robertson, one of the founders of the Christian Alliance is spreading rumors that the marriage between Muslim men and Christian women is part of a plan to convert Christians and spread Islam.
Further examination of the lobbyists behind the Freedom of Religious Persecution Act.
The members of the American House of Representatives vote for the Freedom of Religious Persecution Act and the lobbyists behind the law are examined.


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