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In the article the author argues that according to the Qur’ān and sunnah the niqāb is not an obligation.
Hānī Daniel reports about the regional meeting for discussing dialogue among religions hosted by Cairo.
The author discusses the relationship between the integration of Arab and Muslim communities into Western societies and the racial discrimination against Muslim and Arab communities
Midhat Bishāy highlights the nature of the relationship between Coptic laymen and the church reflecting how Egyptian citizens see them. Afterwards, the author sheds light on the controversial book by Kamāl Zākhir entitled ’al- ‘Almānyyūn wa al-Kanīsah.. Sirā‘t wa Tahālufāt’ [Laymen and the church...
In this article the author sheds light on a report published in al-Badīl daily on the businessmen around Pope Shenouda.
The article discusses the tragic end of one of the most famous Egyptian philosophers and mathematicians. Refusing to embrace Christianity, Hypatia was slaughtered at the hands of church men.
(p. 9) (summary)Dr. al-Nafīs criticizes the Islamic groups, their leaders and their illusive hopes.
Tāriq Ramadān discusses the interpretation of some aspects of Islam, including the application of hadd.
A hybrid state is one without a clear identity, states ‘Imād Thomas. He warns that at the moment Egypt is such a state and claims that history has shown that religious states tend to dissolve into corruption.
The article sheds light on a study conducted by researcher Robier al-Farīs on the way folklore brings religions together. Al-Farīs also concluded that Coptic folklore suffers from the ignorance of researchers and the oppression of the church’s official culture as public creativity remains exquisite...


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