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On the other hand, the Secretary of Pope Tawadros II, Father Angelious, stated that despite the decline of the Pope to attend the presidential ceremony for handing out the draft of the upcoming constitution, the Church has not defined yet its decision on voting for or against the upcoming...
The papal elections committee, entrusted with preparing a new statute on the election of the pope, postponed its first meeting on Tuesday (November 20), which was planned to be devoted to the discussing the 1957 statute. The panel is scheduled to meet Wednesday (November 21).
Pope Tawāḍrūs II on Monday (November 19) received a delegation of the Popular Current alliance led by its founder, former presidential candidate Ḥamdīn Ṣabbāhī, who stressed his respect for the role played by the church and the Azhar in the protection of moderation in the Egyptian society. 
Kāmil Siddīq, Secretary of the Alexandria Millī Council, said the election of the General Millī Council as well as those in governorates is among the top-priority issues of Pope Tawāḍrūs’s agenda.
President Muḥammad Mursī issued a constitutional declaration seeking retrials of former regime officials charged with murdering and attempted murdering of protesters. The declaration also contained an article immunizing all constitutional declarations and decrees issued by the president of the...
During the debate, held for the first time in the history of the church among the clergymen and monks seeking the post, Bishop Tawdrus of al-Beheira, said the church has to listen to what the youths should say and also to seek more interaction with the society.  
Bishop Basantī of Ḥilwān and al-Maʿṣara, a member of the Coptic Orthodox Church’s Holy Synod, said the Egyptian people came together in Taḥrīr Square and other governorates to announce their rejection of “the immense powers” grabbed by the president. 
The Supreme Constitutional Court flatly rejected all the texts contained in the new draft constitution in a first official reaction to the blueprint
Egyptian [Christian] professor of History and dean of the Faculty of Art of the Helwan University, Zebeida Attalla [Zubaydā ʿAṭāllah] presented her book Qubtī fī al-ʿAṣr al-Islāmī (‘A Copt In the Islamic Era’), stressing that she used both Muslim and Coptic references to support the historical...
“I have burnt the English-language book of (U.S. Pastor) Terry Jones,” said Abū Islām. 


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