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U.S. ambassador in Cairo Anne Patterson termed as “nonsense” statements by former Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Fayzāh Abū al-Najā who accused NGOs of working within a scheme to divide Egypt, adding it is the same “nonsense” that the United States backed the victory of...
The Maspero Youths Union announced that a march will be staged on Tuesday (October 9) to pay tribute to the martyrs of the clashes outside the state radio & TV building in Maspero on October 9, 2011, which left 27 protesters dead. 
Two masked gunmen opened fire on a grocer’s store owned by a Coptic citizen in the North Sinai city of Rafah on Tuesday (September 25) a few days after he had received a message threatening him that his property will be attacked if failed to leave the city within 48 hours.  
Muhammad al-‘Azab, a member of the Shūrá Council from the Salafī al-Nūr Party and member of the National Council of Human Rights, severely criticized U.S. President Obama’s speech before the UN on Tuesday (September 25), adding the address was void of the simplest rules of diplomacy as he said he...
A book titled “Bishop Bīshūy…the Student of Pope Shenouda III, Guardian of the Orthodox Christianity and Defender of the Faith in Modern Times” triggered a row inside church circles.
Reactions varied over President Muhammad Mursī’s visit to the city of al-‘Arīsh on Saturday (October 6), which was paid under tight security measures, while Coptic families in Rafah denied media reports about a meeting with Mursī.
The Maspero Martyrs’ Families Union vociferously criticized the Maspero Youths Union, terming it in a statement on Saturday (October 6) of being a “corrupt entity” and accusing it of capitalizing on the Maspero youths’ blood to collect funds from Copts illegitimately.
Former People’s Assembly member Georgette Qillīnī said the motive behind the league’s demands is the suffering of its members about divorces and remarriage licenses.  
Acting patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church Bishop Pachomius also refused the figures announced by the CAPMAS chief.  
George Fikrī from al-Shrūq al-Jadīd writes that Bishop Pachomius, the Acting Patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church, has banned all discussions about the upcoming elections of a new patriarch from Christian satellite television. Meanwhile, Bishop Bulā of Tanta and member of the nominations...


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