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Ikrām Lam‘ī believes that Muslims should be allowed to explain their religion in churches and Christians should be allowed to do the same in mosques.
The article details the Coptic Orthodox Church’s stance against the acknowledgement of Jehovah’s Witnesses as a religious group and explains the situation of the National Council for Human rights and one of its members.
Dār al-Iftā’ issues a fatwá prohibiting people from joining Islamic groups that call for violence and threaten national order and security. The fatwá sparked heated arguments. Leaders of Islamic groups rejected the fatwá.
The proposal to limit the issuance of fatwás has stirred a great many responses, some of which are detailed in this article.
Dr. Mahmūd Hamdī Zaqzūq, the minister of religious endowments, rejects the unification of the Friday sermon. The ministry continues to carry out the unified Adhān Project.
A draft law has been proposed by Mustafá al-Jindī, a member of the People’s Assembly that seeks to stop unqualified people from issuing fatwás. Scholars will need to apply for a license that will allow them to issue fatwás and should be experienced in the sciences of fiqh, the Qur’ān and the...
The following article comments on a draft law governing a parent’s visitation rights to their children after a divorce.
Muslim and Christian men of religion condemn the Israeli aggression against Gaza and call for Arab unity that can make the Arab voice heard and effective in international society. Some Muslim men of religion and public civil groups called for boycotting Israel and the U.S. Patriarch Gregorius III...
Sanā’ al-Sa‘īd interviews Pope Shenouda.
Jewish societies in Egypt are re-opening case files to document their legal ownership of properties throughout the country.


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