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The New York Post mentioned in its latest issue that the American theater director Trance Macanly who specializes in gay productions is currently directing a play in which the main character is called Jesus and highly resembles Christ but is a homosexual. The Catholic church in New York objected to...
Dr. Yehia Ismail attacks Dr. Abdel Mo’ti Bayoumi for defending Dr. Hassan Hanafi. In a comment on this article Dr. van Nispen argues that this attack of Dr. Ismail is unfair because he takes quotes of Hanafi out of context.
The arguments against establishing a Christian party.
More in the line of Rose Al-Yousef
The international Coptic association, that published an advertisement in one of the biggest American newspapers, against Egypt, received four million dollars from Zionist organizations in the United states, in support of its activities against national unity in Egypt.
The article rejects the Freedom of Religious Persecution Act and speaks about "the arrows of conspiracy" and "the heretical talk of the ill-intending." The Egyptian Copts have directed a hard blow to the faces of the Americans and the emigrant Copts who have filled the world with stories about the...
An article on the nature of relationships between Muslims, Copts and Copts abroad.
Gamal Asad discovered that some Copts refuse to view themselves as Arabs and writes about the implications of them considering themselves as the only real Egyptians and Muslims not. The notion is not only dangerous but also false.
The Coptic author visited the USA and compared American publications on the situation of the Copts with what he has experienced in Egypt. Copts, the author believes, have become a hot issue that the enemies of Egypt will continue to bring up now and again.


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