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The following is a review of an interview conducted by Sanā’ al-Sa‘īd with Pope Shenouda who commented on political, social and Coptic issues.
This article deals with the initiative for Muslim-Coptic dialogue made by Maximos, the Archbishop of St. Athanasius Church in Egypt. The Azhar scholars took part in the dialogue and the Coptic Orthodox Church accuses Maximos of stirring fitnah.
 The article deals with the amendments suggested by the Ministry of Justice to be introduced to the penal code to toughen the punishment for rape and sexual harassment.
A comprehensive review of reactions to the Supreme Administrative Court ruling obliging the Coptic Orthodox Church to remarry divorcees under any circumstance. Copts have shown their support for Pope Shenouda’s stance against the ruling by signing numerous petitions and by demonstrating at the...
In this interview, Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria talks to al-Usbū‘ about internal and external issues on the first day of the new year.
Pope Shenouda dedicates a poem to the memory of the victims of Naj‘ Hammādī, and hopes for a fair court ruling.
Al-Usbū‘ reports on the U.S administration report on international religious freedom.
Many observers wrote analytical articles about the reality of sectarian strife in Egypt. Once again, many people highlighted the important role of the media and bemoaned the negative role that some of the media plays in creating tensions. Many authors also criticized the intermingling of religion...
The Egyptian press discusses the recent visit of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom and responses from various commentators. The papers also note Pope Shenouda’s refusal to receive the delegation from the committee.
Many Muslims and Christians participated in the funeral of the four Copts who died while trying to rescue a Muslim man who had fallen into a cesspool.


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