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While Girgis Bārūmī Girgis denied having raped the Muslim minor girl, the girl confirmed the rape. The forensic report, however, proved a recent rupture in the hymen.
The article deals with the incidents that took place in Qena over the last year, showing that they were not actually sectarian.
The article highlights the three reports issued by the People’s Assembly, the National Council for Human Rights, and the Egyptian Council for Human Rights after the incidents of Naj‘ Hammādī.
In its reporting on the incidents of Naj‘ Hammādī, the press focused on the different analyses of the incident; the possible motives and causes. While many people blamed MPs and governmental institutions, others blamed the media and extremist religious discourse. Many observers criticized the...
The Azhar Grand Imām and the Minister of Endowments headed to Naj‘ Hammādī for the Friday prayers and to offer their condolences to Bishop Kyrillos and the victims' families. They both stated that Islam is innocent of such crime and stressed the significance of preserving the national unity. In Naj...
Many social problems turn to take a sectarian dimension in Egypt. The reason is the absence of a strict application of the law and the reliance on conventional reconciliation sessions that do not treat the motives of the problems.
The author highlights the fire of sectarianism burning in Egypt. He notes two incidents as sectarian elements in Egyptians’ daily life.  
A study has been carried out by the National Center for Criminal and Social Research focusing on the reasons and motives of using physical violence in Egypt.
The security forces detained a dentist who blackmails his patients into having sex with him, forcing them to continue by threatening them with the photos he takes.
New technology, such as the internet, SMS, satellites and internet chat has started to play an essential role in igniting the fire of fitnah and dispute in Egypt among Muslims and Christians 


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