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The National Democratic Party is being accused of practicing sectarian discrimination against the Copts and of marginalizing them from the political arena. Prof. ‘Amrū Hāshim Rabī‘ advocates for looking at the recent problems from a social, moral perspective rather than a religious and sectarian...
The article deals with conflict started among expatriate Copts activists after the death of ‘Adlī Abādīr, the late head of Copts United organization, over the leadership of expatriate Copts.
For the first time, new pages have been devoted in newspapers to tackling various Coptic issues, similar to the Islamic pages reserved for dealing with Islamic issues.  
The article sheds light on some patriotic Christian figures in the history of Egypt.
Updates, comments and press releases are still being published in the Egyptian press on the incidents of the drive-by shooting in Naj‘ Hammādī on Coptic Christmas Eve. The following lines shed lights on the press reports published on the seventh and eighth of January.  
After the heated arguments that followed the rumor about the pope’s death, Egyptian journalists and observers seem to be interested in discussing who was behind the rumor and what the reasons were. The clergy, according to some observers, do not seem to be fully innocent from spreading the rumor...
Nafīsah ‘Abd al-Fattāh comments on al-Qimnī’s reactions to objecting to his awards and wonders whether they meet the criteria for granting him the award.
The author reports on an example of national unity inside the Egyptian newspaper, al-Usbū‘, after a Coptic member of staff left to join the priesthood.
The author reports the incident of disappearance of a secondary stage female student who disappeared in Qinā.
The article reports on the call of an independent member of parliament for the prosecution of Najlā’ al-Imām, the Christianized Egyptian lawyer, and his attack on the al-Sīdāw agreement.


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