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Marwá al-Shirbīnī was killed in Germany, earning the title “Martyr of hijāb” in Egypt. The Egyptian press highlighted the public uproar and the German official stance.
(summary)The following lines present the headlines of an interview conducted with prominent Islamic dā‘īyah ‘Amr Khālid.
The following lines review the Egyptian press releases on Obama’s visit to Cairo and the speech he addressed to the Muslim world.
The Egyptian press covered Obama’s historic visit to Egypt. AWR will cover reactions and analysis in the following lines and many upcoming reviews.
The author reports on church sources that Pope Shenouda will allegedly shun Bishop Bīshūy because of his alleged assertion that he will be the successor of Pope Shenouda.
The criminal part of the crisis of Abū Fānā is expected to be put to an end next week.
Master Ya‘qūb was a famous character in Egypt following the French occupation. He was known for his support of the occupation forces against the public resistance. A book about him was reprinted, arousing Copts’ anger as they believed that presenting a Coptic traitor was alluding that Copts were...
A new controversy has aroused in Egypt following the use of quicklime to kill pigs while they are still alive. Parliament members and observers rejected the killing. Meanwhile, observers are still reflecting on the different issues and discussions related to the pig slaughter.
Al-Usbū‘ interviews Dr. Muhammad Salīm al-‘Awwā, the Islamic thinker and secretary general of the International Union for Muslim Scholars, regarding a number of Islamic, Arab and international issues.
Fātimah al-Kūmī reports about different opinions of women having misyār marriages.


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