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In his interview with Sanā’ al-Sa‘īd, Pope Shenouda refuses to discuss the recent offensive Israeli TV program because in his opinion such silly things should not be commented on. He also gave information about the Christian personal status draft law that was presented to the concerned...
Al-Usbūc writes about Christianity’s stance concerning the definition of death and the idea of organ transplants.
The Coptic Orthodox Church’s response to Yūsuf Zaydān’s ‘Azāzīl is ready and will be published soon in libraries. Zaydān bemoans the church’s stance and believes that opponents to his novels do not represent the church as a whole or the Christian public.
Zaynab ‘Abd al-lāh reports about different opinions concerning donating organs, and the definition of death according to Muslim scholars.
Al-Usbū‘ reports about the people who participated in the 21st Conference for the renewal of the Islamic discourse organized by the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs.
Al-Usbū‘ writes about Pope Shenouda’s speech during the 21st Conference on the renewal of Islamic thinking
Al- Usbū‘ reports about the conference organized by the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs concerning the renewal of the Islamic discourse.
Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination have applied to the Journalists’ Syndicate for permission to hold their second annual conference. Last year journalists staged a sit-in at the Syndicate protesting against the conference.
In a TV show on Channel 10 of Israeli TV, the presenter mocked Jesus and the Virgin Mary announcing that it was a response to the Vatican’s reinstallation of a clergyman who is skeptical about the Jews’ allegations concerning the Holocaust. Muslims and Christians in Egypt, Palestine and the...
Habīb comments that while in the past the Coptic Orthodox Church’s stance was always similar to that of the Egyptian people in the recent war on Gaza it diverged.


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