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This article reflects on the close relationships between prominent Muslims and Christians prominent, not only in the politics but also in art.      
A number of Islamic charities are said to be Islamist organizations that allegedly work for foreign entities against the Azhar and its scholars.
The defense of the suspects in the Naj‘ Hammādī attacks argues that the first suspect is mentally unfit and that the other one has a problem that prevents him from using guns.
Three clergymen stage a sit in Manfalūt protesting against alleged doctrinal, ritual and administrative violations.  
The author reports on the issue of the church and diocese of Maghāghah, Minya. Specifically he looks at the building of a church there. 
Many observers wrote analytical articles about the reality of sectarian strife in Egypt. Once again, many people highlighted the important role of the media and bemoaned the negative role that some of the media plays in creating tensions. Many authors also criticized the intermingling of religion...
The author reflects on Najīb Jibrā’īl’s actions following the incidents of Naj‘ Hammādī and the church’s “silent reactions”.
While al-Yawm al-Sābi‘ considered Zaqzūq’s declarations to the Religious Freedoms Committee about the coming presentation of a unified law for building houses of worship to the parliament a “surprise,” al-Fajr reported that the ruling National Democratic Party is not content with the idea of a...
The author reflects on the complicated ethnic structure of northern Qena. He also referred to the complicated political interests that he believes played a key role in the attacks of Naj‘ Hammādī.
The Supreme Press Council releases a document urging the Egyptian media to take care in preserving national unity in its coverage of the incidents and follow up to Naj‘ Hammādī.


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