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27-28 April, the dates of the first round of the elections, coincide with the beginning of the Holy Week and Palm Sunday, while the runoffs scheduled for 4-5 May clash with Holy Saturday and Easter, said Bishop Rafiq Gereish, the head of the Catholic Church’s media office.  “Didn’t the president...
Last week, there was a fierce competition for the post of mayor of London, between an English Conservative candidate and another English candidate of Indian Muslim descent from the part that became Pakistan today. He enjoys a large popularity, and was elected by a wide margin in the votes against...
In cooperation with the University of Minya, the Supreme Council of Culture organized a conference with the theme "Education and The Culture of Violence".
Pope Tawadros II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the Holy See of St. Mark, received Gerard Larcher, president of the French Senate, and the delegation accompanying him, in the papal headquarter in `Abassiya, Cairo.
The president's media office has announced the formation of a committee to examine that cases of young people detained pending investigations, in accordance with instructions by President `Abd al-Fattāh al-Sisi at the first National Youth Conference.
Egyptian member of parliament Marguerite `Āzer has proposed a bill calling for equal punishments for men and women in cases of adultery, a suggestion that has provoked strong reactions among her fellow MPs and political figures.
George Is'hāq, member of Egypt's National Council for Human Rights (NCHR), said that the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) withdrew from the (Tahrīr) Square on February 11, 2011. However, the former Military Council supported them, pointing out that the [ousted] Muhammad Mursī had the chance to be a true...
Pope Tawadros II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the Holy See of St. Mark, said that the Unified Construction of Houses of Worship Law stands at the top of the Parliament’s agenda in its first session. 
Cairo Criminal Court postponed Saturday the trial of 739 defendants, including the Muslim Brotherhood's Supreme Guide, to March 26 in a case dubbed as "Rab`a al-`Adaweyya dispersal."
Twitter users launched a hashtag called “Where is Massouny?” to demand the disclosure of the whereabouts of activist Mustafa Massūni.


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