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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said August 28 that if Egypt asked to increase its troops in Sinai, the request would be considered and brought in front of the security cabinet.
A Cairo court will open a case to expel the Israeli envoy to Cairo over the killing of Egyptian police on the border area, as a judicial authority plans to file a lawsuit requesting that Israel pay $5 billion in compensation for the same incident. The case for expelling the ambassador will be heard...
Iranian Foreign Minister 'Ali Akhbar Salehi has announced Iran's readiness to send its ambassador to Egypt, although they will wait a few months until the situation in Egypt has settled.
Thousands of protesters staged a protest outside the Israeli embassy in Giza yesterday (August 26) calling on the government to oust the Tel Aviv envoy.
Tens of supporters of Egyptian cleric Omar Abdel Rahman are continuing protests outside the American Embassy in Cairo for the sixth consecutive day, demanding his release from prison in the U.S.
 A million-man protest has been called for outside of the Israeli Embassy in Cairo after the fifth consecutive day of anti-Israel demonstrations, sparked by the killing of five Egyptian policemen by Israeli troops on the border near Eilat on Thursday (August 18, 2011). 
Dozens of Egyptian activists resumed their protest outside the Israeli embassy, in Giza, for the fifth day in a row, calling for the Israeli ambassador to be ordered out of Egypt, and two Egyptian lawyers have filed a lawsuit to force the Supreme Court of the Armed Forces (SCAF) to withdraw the...
  The Muslim Brotherhood's political party has stressed that it will not be putting forward a candidate for the presidency. Dr. 'Isām al-'Iryān, deputy chairman, and Dr. Muhammad Sa‘d al-Katātnī , secretary-general, have both quashed these rumors that they are grooming a potential candidate.
'Grow your beard before Ramadan' is the slogan of a campaign planned by the salafists, who are calling for a million men to be bearded before the holy Muslim fasting month, corresponding with August. "I would like to see similar campaign for a million women to wear the niqāb [full-face veil],"...
 CAIRO - The January 25 revolution is having a momentous impact on the Coptic Church. “The Copts will ignore Church policies,” surmised Mamoun Fendi, president of Fendi Associates, a Washington DC-based research group and think-tank, during the 18-day revolution.    


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