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About 150 Palestinian Christians demonstrated outside the Church of the Nativity here on Sunday against the Greek leaders of the Orthodox Church, whom they accused of selling land to Israelis.
The head of the Roman Catholic Church in the Holy Land, Michel Sabbah, has accused Israel of discriminating against Christians by giving Muslims permission to build a mosque near the main church in Nazareth over Vatican protests.
To the Editor: I was very upset at the beginning of the school-term to find out, that there are no Christmas-holidays planned by the government.
The Vatican and Iraq have begun to plan a possible visit by Pope John Paul II to Iraq to celebrate the Millennium, sources at the Vatican embassy in Baghdad said on Sunday.
The Muslim Brotherhood on Tuesday dispatched a two-man team to Syria to meet with Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, leaders in a bid to come up with a "formula" to end the deadlock between the government and the Palestinian group, a spokesman of the movement said.
Her Royal Highness Princess Basma spoke about discrimination against women at a conference where studies were presented about the rights, privileges and freedoms guaranteed to Muslim women in the Sharia.
Israeli Public Security Minister Shlomo Ben Ami and the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Michel Sabbah failed to reach agreement on Tuesday on a land dispute between Muslims and Christians in Nazareth that threatens to mar Millennium celebrations.
A proposal to legalize casino gambling in Israel enraged Jewish parties in Israel.
The spiritual leader of Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas warned in a newspaper interview a massive anti-Israeli attack could take place "at any time."
The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, in the Palestinian self-rule areas has asked His Majesty King Abdullah to intervene in the case against 21 men detained in a crackdown on the movement in the Kingdom, officials said on Sunday.


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