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Sheikhh Abdul Mun’em Abu Zant, detained three times last week for breaching the Sermons Law, once again defied a ban on his preaching activities and delivered a political sermon on Friday.
The lawyer defending 21 Hamas leaders and activists on Friday said a political settlement to the case of the detained members of the Islamic Resistance Movement was likely, more than a month after the authorities cracked down on the hard-line Palestinian movement.
His Majesty King Abdullah on Wednesday said he was fully supportive of the measures the government took against the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, and that the decision to close down the group’s offices here was final.
The United States dropped the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) from its list of "foreign terrorist organizations". In the first review of the list in two years, it added the Al Qaida group of Saudi-born Islamist Osama Ben Laden, accused of bombing the U.S. embassies in...
Police in Amman, Zarqa and Irbid are questioning the families of three women who were reportedly killed last week in three separate crimes that were all related to "family honor," officials said on Monday.
Top police officials have called on the press to establish closer cooperation with the authorities to deal with domestic violence and crimes.
Participants at a two-day conference on crimes of honor called on the Parliament to adopt the government’s proposal to cancel Article 340 which offers lenient sentences to perpetrators of these crimes. The Ministry of Social Development announced recently that it is in the process of establishing...
His Majesty King Abdullah on Tuesday expressed his deep belief in the freedom of expression but urged journalists to be objective and responsible in their coverage of events and avoid exploiting their freedom in any way that might harm Jordan’s interests.
Boosting the tourism industry, Minister of Tourism Akel Biltaji outlined touristic sites in the Kingdom starting from the south of the Kingdom, where Moses first entered, to Petra and the Baptism Site of Jesus at Bethany.
Christian clergymen who came from Jerusalem highlighted the plight of the dwindling Palestinian Christian community as it prepares to celebrate in Bethlehem its 2000-year jubilee next December at a joint ceremony of all 13 Christian sects.


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