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Islamist Sheikh Abdul Mun’em Abu Zant was again detained by the prosecutor general on Wednesday for violating the Sermons Law, which prohibits radical sermons, but was later released on bail pending trial.
[Letter to the Editor] The Russian government has blatantly accused several Arabic and Islamic countries of masterminding and instigating the latest bombing campaign in Moscow. Lieven, an expert of Islamist movements in the northern Caucasus, is accused of playing on the Western fear of...
The Cabinet decided to toughen the punishment against adulterers "to prevent people from committing adultery."
The Cabinet has approved a recent proposed amendment made by the legal committee at the Ministry of Justice in July to cancel Article 340, Minister of Justice Hamzeh Haddad said on Monday.
Participants at a two-day conference urging the cancellation of legislation regarding crimes of honor said the focus in activists’ battle should also include Article 98 of the Jordanian Penal Code, not only Article 340.
Parliament Speaker Abdul Hadi Majali on Monday promised to take into consideration women’s demands to eliminate crimes of honor by amending legislation that permits males to kill their female relatives for illicit behavior.
In an effort to stem "crimes of honor," the Jordanian Women’s Union (JWU) has joined the national effort to curb these crimes by holding a two-day conference entitled "Crimes of Honour.
The National Jordanian Campaign Committee to Eliminate the so-called "Crimes of Honor" has made some strides in its bid to increase public awareness of the problem but is nowhere near where it should be.
The National Jordanian Campaign Committee to Eliminate the so-called "Crimes of Honor," said on Saturday it has collected around 8,000 signatures in the first month of the nationwide campaign calling for the cancellation of Article 340 of the Jordanian Penal Code which gives those who kill in the...
[Letter to the Editor] Why on earth does Firas Abdul Hadi assume that he has a God given right to impose his own personal doctrines of press regulation on the rest of society?


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