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The Vatican said Thursday Israel’s controversial plans to build a mosque near the main Christian shrine in Nazareth, where Jesus grew up, were a hindrance to preparations for a visit by Pope John Paul.
Iraqi Christians want Pope John Paul II to visit their country and speak out against the embargo, but the United States and other countries leading the sanctions against Iraq would just as soon he stay home.
The US State Department announced on October 6 that China, Iran, Iraq, Myanmar (Burma), and Sudan were liable for diplomatic and economic sanctions for engaging in "particularly severe violations of religious freedom during the preceding 12 months."
Suspects held in Iran in connection with the publishing of a satirical play deemed insulting to a Shi’ite Muslim holy figure will go on trial next week, the Iranian news agency IRNA reported on Wednesday.
Hundreds of wealthy Beirutis, harkening to the appeal of their Sufi Muslim mystical leader, are moving to the mountains to avoid "catastrophes" as the millennium approaches.
A jailed Kuwaiti professor and newspaper columnist was taken to hospital with an irregular heartbeat after a four-day hunger strike to protest his imprisonment for blasphemy against Islam, supporters said on October 10.
After being booted out of Al Azhar Medical College 11 years ago due to undergoing a sex change operation, Sally Mohammed Abdallah might be returning to classes there despite the prestigious university’s condemnation of her operation.
While Egyptian women can be ministers, lawyers, doctors, and hold many other prestigious jobs, they are still shut out of the upper levels of the religious hierarchy. Now one female religious scholar wants to become a mufti which is a high level cleric charged with giving out religious opinions on...
Iraq’s leading Christian cleric said Wednesday he believed Pope John Paul II remained committed to a controversial millennium pilgrimage to Iraq and that he expected him to meet President Saddam Hussein.
A bomb exploded in a church in Beirut’s eastern suburbs on October 3, killing a man minutes after a mass was held there, an eyewitness said.


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