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The President of the National Council for Women Dr. Māyā Mursī flies today to India for attending the proceedings of the 25th Global Edition of the Annual Women Economic Forum 2019 held on the theme ‘Reimagining Societies: Reclaiming Humanity with Gender Equality’ from 11 to 16 April 2019.
The Governor of Banī Suīf, Hānī ‘Abdul-Gabir, received a report on the action taken by the Human Rights Unit in his governorate to respond to a complaint filed by a woman with special needs due to a family dispute on an agricultural plot owed to her. After field examination and inspection, the unit...
Grand Mufti of Lebanon Shaykh ʿAbd al-Laṭīf Dariyān expressed his sincere gratitude to Dr. Shawqī ʿAllām, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, for commissioning him to deliver the open plenary session of the 4th international conference of the General Secretariat for Fatwa Authorities Worldwide held today,...
Egypt’s parliamentarians stood up against the calls for equality of inheritance between men and women, stressing that there are plans aimed at changing the identity of Egyptian society, and these voices are only tools for those who plan on this scheme abroad.
Al-Qāʾid Ibrāhīm Square, also called the Revolution Square, in downtown Alexandria, Egypt, was the starting point of the Egyptian revolution of January 25, 2011, where rebels gathered to start their revolutionary marches. 
 A previously unknown militant Islamist group called Anṣār al-Islām (supporters of Islam) claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack that took place in Al-Wāḥāt Oasis, in Egypt’s western desert, on October 21, killing several members of the Egyptian security forces.
Egyptian author ‘Abduh ʿAṭā spots the role of the former Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Muḥammad (1981-2003) in leading poor, sectarian-torn Malaysia to modernization and economic growth. In his comprehensive development plan, Mahathir focused on developing education, scientific research and...
The National Council for Woman (NCW) in Minya announced the start of the fourth stage of the door-to-door campaign recently adopted by the council to raise the awareness of Egyptian women across Egypt with the help of Muslim women preachers and church female servants.
Michael `Ātif Munīr, son of one of the Copts who were killed in a terrorist attack last May, donated the 100,000 EGP compensation check to renovate a mosque and a church in the Minya villages Ṣaft al-Sharqiyah and al-Fikrīyah.
Over two days, July 6 and 7, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina will be hosting two episodes of BBC Radio Arabic ‘Nuqṭat Ḥiwār’ (Talking Point) program. The program is to host a select group of specialists, as well as interested young people.


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