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Coptic thinker Jamal Asʿad said that the number of Copts who traveled to Israel doubled during the year 2015, pointing out that the exceptional visit of Pope Tawadros II to lead the funeral prayer for Bishop Abraham, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Jerusalem and the Near East played a role in this...
Al-Mansūrah Prosecution ordered the imprisonment of a man accused of killing an Imam of a mosque in Mansūrah city for 15 days. The Public Prosecution also ordered the autopsy to be carried out.
The Security Directorate of Al-Wādi al-Jadīd, English New Valley, in southwestern Egypt, organized on Monday training courses for police officers on 'Human Rights'. The courses' objective is to raise awareness on human rights, to know the citizens' rights, to explore how the recommendations could...
The Head of the Press Syndicate, Yahyá Qallāsh, said that the Syndicate is in a race against time for the completion of the unified press and media law. The law will then be submitted to the government before it is sent to the parliament in less than two weeks. 
In the framework of Cairo University's contribution in projects on documentaries and cinematic short stories, film directorMūhannad Dīāb offers lecture series on film industry and cinematic language to the University's Media students, English Department.
Coptic Orthodox Holy Synod released a statement on Wednesday, announcing the consensus it has reached with the Egyptian Government on the formulation of the law on building churches.


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