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The author reports on a new fatwa, from Dar al-iftā’ in Egypt, which has stirred the anger of the Egyptian church.
The article highlights a type of deception under the guise of conversion from Islam to Christianity.
This article discusses the different reactions towards the announcement of Muhammad al-Barad‘ī to participate in the upcoming presidential elections. The Copts are divided into two groups. The first highly supports him, while the other stresses that he is not a politically efficient enough to reach...
An interview with Priest Kyrillos of the Virgin Mary church in al-Zaytūn, who is accused in the recent case of religious fraud and falsifying identification.
Recently a number of lawyers and some other characters have appeared claiming to be a reformist movement. According to the article, those traffickers only seek fame and other personal interests through interfering in church affairs and rumors.
Dayrūt is threatened by the peril of sectarianism. People from the Upper Egyptian village appear to have a bad track record with the security forces and Islamist attacks. A considerable number of people from the village believe that the church is hiding Romānī, the young Coptic man who distributed...
The author discusses a crime of fraud and “Christianization,” with the involvement of a Coptic priest.
The author reports on a case of falsifying a marriage contract. The accused is Priest Kyrillos, of al-Zaytūn, and others.
Is the Egyptian players’ prostrations for prayer on the football pitch a reflection of the religiousity of a whole society? The Egyptian team has been labeled the “team of the prostrators”. Some people criticized the religious practice on the football pitch, while head coach Hasan Shihātah stressed...
Only one lawyer has accepted the task of defending Girgis Bārūmī, the young Coptic man who is facing charges of raping a Muslim minor girl.
The article highlights the names of Coptic candidates for the parliamentary elections of 2010.  
Many observers wrote analytical articles about the reality of sectarian strife in Egypt. Once again, many people highlighted the important role of the media and bemoaned the negative role that some of the media plays in creating tensions. Many authors also criticized the intermingling of religion...
While Girgis Bārūmī Girgis denied having raped the Muslim minor girl, the girl confirmed the rape. The forensic report, however, proved a recent rupture in the hymen.
The author reflects on the weekly sermon of Father Makārī Yūnān and his support to victims of Naj‘ Hammādī.
The author reflects on an incident in which a governmental official insults both Muslim and Christian citizens.
The author reflects on a Coptic woman who made use of her family name to deceive and swindle people.
In its reporting on the incidents of Naj‘ Hammādī, the press focused on the different analyses of the incident; the possible motives and causes. While many people blamed MPs and governmental institutions, others blamed the media and extremist religious discourse. Many observers criticized the...
The author reports on the first interview with Rāmī Khillah who was sentenced to death in the incident of al-Amīrīyah..
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