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The Coptic Orthodox Church categorically rejected a statement circulating on social media purportedly issued by Pope Tawāḍrūs II on monasticism and monasteries. 
Egyptian churches stressed their solidarity with the Egyptian state, army, and police in the wake of Nabīl Ḥabashī Salāma’s murder.  Ḥabashī was kidnapped by terrorists five months ago in North Sinai, and a video of his execution was recently published on their media platforms. 
On Sunday, November 18, a video showing the execution of Nabīl Ḥabashī Salāma, who was kidnapped in North Sinai five months ago by terrorists, was published on their social media platforms.  Egyptian security forces, however, successfully found those involved in the incident and killed them in an...
The Minister of Endowments, Dr. Muḥamad Mukhtār Jumaʿa, and journalist Karam Jabr, Chairman of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation, announced the launching of the first activities of the ‘Awareness-Raising’ strategy for 2021, which is organized by al-Awqāf Ministry and the SCRM.
Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sāmiḥ Shukrī signed the “al-ʿUlā Statement” in which Arab Gulf states restored relations with Qatar during the Gulf Cooperation Council’s (GCC) 41st Summit in al-ʿUlā, Saudi Arabia. 
Shaykh Jābir Ṭāyiʿ, head of the religious sector at the Ministry of Endowments [al-Awqāf], refused to have an interview with Aljazeera [al-Jazīra] to respond to its allegations of corruption within the endowment affairs management. 
In the presence of 120 nuns and Muslim female preachers from across all of Egypt’s governorates, Dr. Māyā Mursī, president of the National Council for Women (NCW), introduced a training program called “Ambassadors of Love and Peace” that the NCW organized. The program aims to develop an action plan...
Uncertainty over the Renaissance Dam continues even after the election of Joe Biden to the American presidency. 
The Endowments Ministry and the National Broadcasting Authority organized a seminar called ‘No Compulsion in Religion’ on Tuesday.
The first circuit Supreme Administrative Court rejected the Egyptian government’s appeal of the administrative court in Alexandria’s ruling on the shrine of Rabbi Yaakov Abuhatzeira [Yaʿqūb Abū Ḥaṣīra], otherwise known as Abū Ḥaṣīra.  The original decision made by the administrative court in...


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