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A decades-old conflict between Egyptian and Ethiopian monks over the ownership of the Monastery of the Sultan [dayr al-Sulṭān] in Jerusalem has flared up once again.
At the age of 91, Egyptian citizen Albert Arie, one of the few remaining Jews in Cairo, passed away on Thursday. His passing has reopened disruptive conversation about the story of a man who remained proud of his patriotism and also the heritage of Egyptian Jews.
Egyptologist Zāhī Ḥawwās unveiled a 2500-year-old mummy of a priest at an ancient cemetery in Minya, south of Cairo, in a live broadcast on Discovery Channel on Sunday.
The ruling Transitional Military Council said more than one attempts to overthrow the council was planned and quashed in the previous period.  
The Sudanese Attorney General said that he was invited to attend a Military Council meeting to negotiate the oversight of the attorney’s office on the plan to clear up “Colombia” of criminals, an area near to the protests in the city center. He also added that “no protest clear ups were discussed...
The official spokesperson for the Military Investigation Committee, Brigadier General Hukūkī Abdul-Rahīm, announced the Khartoum protests clear up investigation results.   
Observers believe that the dividing line between religion-based political parties and the banned Muslim Brotherhood, which is considered an incubator of other religious entities involved in violent acts against successive regimes in Egypt since the 50s of last century, is not quite clear.
The Musaharātī [a traditional person who roams a residential area beating a drum during Ramadan nights to wake people to eat their Suḥūr before the call for prayer at dawn] has been an exclusive job for men for centuries until a 43-year-old woman, Dalāl, decided to compete with men and work as...
On Thursday, the Egyptian Army waged a military campaign targeting extremist members of the Ansār Bait al-Maqdis Organization south of al-`Arīsh in the North Sinai Governorate, according to military sources.
In the speech he delivered on Wednesday, Egyptian President `Abd al-Fattāh al Sisi pointed to the plane crash of the Russian civil plane over Sinai to be 'a deliberate act' carried out by elements intended to hit the relationship between Russia and Egypt as a whole, and not only their bilateral...


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