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Majdī Khalīl seeks to shed light on the danger represented by some of the educational curricula taught in the Azhar schools, and how it influences the students' minds in a negative way.  
The article lists facts related to the houses of worship file. He shows the extent of the state’s discrimination in dealing with both Muslim and Christian houses of worship.
Majdī Khalīl explains the difference between human rights and citizenship rights.
‘Ādil Jundī writes his article from the perspective of a Muslim Egyptian, saying that he would work hard to purify his religious heritage by subjecting it to reason and research.
Nabīl ‘Abd al-Malik attempts to sail deeper to the roots of the current socio-political, economic, and cultural crises storming the Arab and Islam worlds. He believes that Egypt, at the heart of both worlds, is affected by the changes taking place in the region, which appears in the sectarian...
The author criticizes the government for stifling press freedom in Egypt. He believes that while independent newspapers enjoy a little freedom, the state-owned media merely echoes what authorities desire.
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