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The author compares two examples of building houses of worship. On the one hand, New York municipality gave Muslims the permission to build a new mosque next to Ground Zero despite all the protest against it, thereby enforcing religious freedom. On the other hand, the governor of Minia refuses to...
A controversy between a religious view versus a secular view in dealing with citizens.  In a TV program on air, a controversy takes place between Dr. Su'ād Sālih, professor of comparative fiqh, and Salāh Sulaymān, a leader in al-Wafd party. While Dr. Sālih classifies people according to their...
Majdī Khalīl reflects on the “state of ruin” surrounding Egyptian universities, paying particular attention to claims of discrimination within them.
Khalīl highlights and analyzes the recent report of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights about sectarian violence in Egypt over the last two years.  
The article highlights the content of the new issue of al-Karmah al-Jadīdah [New Vine] Magazine which is published by the Association of Clerical College Alumni.
Farīd Zakariyyā writes about the idea of fighting terrorism in the Arab world.
Khalīl reflects on the differences between international and foreign interference.
Sayyid al-Qimnī is fighting a battle in the field of freedom of expression. He criticizes the Azhar curricula and the Muslim Brotherhood for erasing reason and harming the future.
The following lines review the Egyptian press releases on Obama’s visit to Cairo and the speech he addressed to the Muslim world.
Khalīl denounces the unjust sectarianism in law and hails Camellia Lutfī as a courageous woman who faces injustice to get her rights. Camellia is the mother of Mario and Andrew the Christian-born children whose converted father is willing to change their religion against their will.


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