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This article highlights an interview between Radio Vatican and Father Rafīq Greish, a spokesman for the Coptic Catholic Church, who speaks about the state of Egyptian Christians during the past months. Greish discusses the ‘Umrāniyyah riots against the construction stoppage of an unlicensed church...
This article looks at the Egyptian Court ruling allowing re-marriage, and the Christian Church’s refusal to accept it.
This article mentions the University of Asyut’s establishment of a centre for research and studies on human rights. The centre, which is directly under the charge of the university president, aims at promoting academic research in the field of human rights, propagating awareness of international,...
This article deals with the recent issue of the Egypt Court ruling in favor of Coptic re-marriage for specific reasons, although it is not Church approved.
This article looks at a new grassroots movement among the Coptic Diaspora which was established in Washington this past weekend. Almost 100 Coptic Christian community organizers from around the globe gathered to discuss religious freedom in the Middle East and future lobbying efforts for the rights...
This article discusses the third annual Coptic Studies Symposium at the University of Toronto (U of T), and its importance. 
This article details the Egyptian-German Young Leader’s Forum (EGYLF), affiliated to the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services (CEOSS), that has placed its faith in the relevance of interaction and dialogue among people of the world.
This article talks about the founding of the organization Egyptians against Religious Discrimination (MARED) and the media coverage concerning sectarian issues in Egypt, with regard to MARED.
 This article deals with a website maintained by Asyut University. The website was cited as publishing statistics and information which was biased against Copts in the area, and in the university.
This article details the Supreme Administrative Court’s final ruling to strip Egyptian men married to Israeli women, and their children, of Egyptian citizenship.


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