Quota for Copts in Egyptian Parliament Would Prevent Sectarian Violence, Says Rights Activist

The Christian Post
Date of source:
9 Nov 2013

Said Abdel Massih, head of the Egyptian Center for Development and Human Rights (ECDHR), has called on the 50-member committee tasked with amending the 2012 Egyptian constitution to allocate a quota for Copts in parliament in an effort to quell sectarian strife and provide added representation and protection for Copts.

Abdel Massih insisted that a quota system for Copts would be a means of addressing sectarian problems, adding that there had been violence incidents associated with nominations of Copts to office.

He cited a case of looting and burning of the house and law firm of Ehab Ramzi, a Coptic lawyer in Minya, in addition to an incident in early April when Copt Alaa Samir ran for parliament.

Abdel Massih said that a quota system would balance the representation of Copts in parliament and reduce sectarian violence, which "undermines the country."

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