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A Coptic researcher has filed a lawsuit calling for Muslim judges to be prevented from examining Copts’ personal status cases.
Two truths mentioned in the Qur’an that form Islam’s stand towards other religions. First, there is an objective unity between Islam and other revealed religions. Second, the Qur’an does not mention any religion, whether revealed or not, in a negative way.
The writer gives an explanation on how Islam does acknowledge the existence of different nations, people, tribes and folks. It also considers that all people are equal, no matter how different they are. As a result, various civilizations existed throughout the history of mankind. Islam respects...
Reverend Rifa’at Al-Said comments on an article published in Al-Wafd to the effect that Islam has abrogated the religions prior to it. He cited many Qur’anic verses and quoted prominent Islamic scholars to refute such an idea.
The author believes that faith cannot be the product of compulsion. It is unimaginable that any heavenly religion, Judaism, Christianity or Islam, can be founded on compulsion to join it. These three religions accepted and approved the religions that came before them: Judaism tells stories of the...
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