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The author responds to a controversial statement from the prominent Shaykh Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī in which he claimed that Christians are kāfirs.
The author of the article refutes the idea that embracing the "right" religion is behind the advancement of peoples. He also criticizes what he considered the defamation of the Shī‘ah in the media.
The author warns against Islamic extremists and the danger they pose to the world, suggesting that Islam nowadays poses the same threat as fascism in 1930s.
[The RNSAW received this text from Dr. Abu Zayd for placement in the RNSAW. The text was first presented during a conference in June in Berlin, Germany] Since the occupation of Egypt by Bonaparte in 1798 Muslims have had to address the issue of secularization. Some Muslim thinkers believe Islam...
In this article, Pope Shenouda gives a full-length study of the Qur´an´s perception of Christianity, the Gospel, Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. He says that the Qur´an proves the authenticity of the Holy Bible. It also speaks very highly of Jesus Christ. It describes Him as the “...
Conclusion of Islamic-Christian dialogue organized at the Gregoriana Papal Catholic University. The article discusses the Muslim idea of who will make it to Paradise, the position of non-Muslims in modern Islamic society, and Muslim-Christian relationships.
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