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The author, Dr. Ibrāhīm al-Sāyh, comments on an official complaint submitted by the renowned Muslim scholar Dr. Zaghlūl al-Najjār against a Christian organization, accusing it of performing missionary activities in Cairo.
Dr. Ahmad Shawqī al-Fanjarī warns against the dangers that fabricated hadīths can pose to Islam.
Dr. ‘Alī Jumu‘ah mentions the sources of Islamic legislation.
The author comments on the issue of renewing religious discourse. He believes that there is no contradiction between renewing religious discourse and applying the Shari’a.
Some Islamic scholars believe the Arabic language to be the language of the people of paradise. They support this opinion by one of the Prophet’s hadiths, which is note proved to be a true hadith.
Although the Islamic sites on the international web are supervised by councils of sheikhs and by the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, some of those who attack Islam, were able to penetrate the site of the Azhar and show an invented Qur’an. The site contains four pages. Each of which is an...
Dr. Mustafa Al-Shakma in an interview with Atef Abdel-Ghany, talks about the forthcoming celebrations of the fourteen-hundredth anniversary of Egypt’s entry into the Islamic world. He insists that the people of Egypt were not forced to adopt Islam after its Fath [opening up of the land by Muslims...
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